The Pictures on my Blog

The two greatest motivating factors throughout my journey to expose corruption at the highest levels of power are illuminated by these two pictures.

The face in the first picture is immediately recognizable to Americans everywhere: Former President Ronald Reagan. 

On October 26, 1987, I gave President Reagan an envelope containing evidence of a national coverup. Nuclear power plants around the country were buying cheap, inferior parts from China to save money. These parts were uncertified by the U.S. Government, and pose a threat that still exists today.

Former President Ronald Reagan ignored the information I gave him, and perpetuated the coverup.

The second picture is the inspiration that set me on a collision course with Washington, D.C. and the darkened halls of power.

The picture is of Jean Marin. She was a resident at the Sea View Retreat, a health care facility that I owned and managed for over 30 years.

Jean was paralyzed. One day she called me to her room. She had been reading about the Chernobyl melt down in Russia. Due to the construction of a nuclear power station twelve miles from Sea View, she was reasonably concerned. She wanted to know how she would escape if something like what happened at Chernobyl occurred in Seabrook, New Hampshire where the new plant was being erected.

This single question sparked my thirty-year journey to find an adequate answer. The first answer I was given was unsatisfactory. Victor Stello, former Director of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, told me to leave her behind with a bottle of potassium iodide (KI) and a nurse to administer the drug. 

This decision would have made her expendable. I couldn't have that on my conscience. So I have dedicated my life to finding a better answer.