Open Letter to Senator Jeanne Shaheen

Office of U.S. Senator

Jeanne Shaheen

Energy Person

Ms. Thurman,


First I am disappointed my e-mails and request to meet with U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen has not been acted on. 

This e-mail contains more updates concerning the safety of Senator Shaheen's constituents in New Hampshire. 

I reported many safety concerns brought to light by former NRC Officials and Nuclear Industry insiders. Including bad welds at Seabrook Power Station. These welds cannot be examined because they are buried under cement, which proves the government lied in their investigation.

Your office has been made aware informants from We The People (WTP) brought to light the presence of Counterfeit Substandard parts confirmed by the General Accounting (GAO) Office in a report titled, "Nuclear Safety and Health Counterfeit and Substandard Products are a Government-Wide Concern."  

We met on February 25, 2015. Senator Shaheen’s State Director, Sarah Holmes, met me on December 5, 2014. At both these meetings I provided documents listing bogus parts at Seabrook Power Station. Despite the fact I provided GOA reports to PSNH two years before their findings were made public, PSNH’s Public Relations Director stated on television, “We have no such parts in our plants.” They lied to the public then, and continue to lie today. Seabrook Power Stations new owners, Florida Power and Light, have become complicit in this lie.

Your office has a copy of the Nuclear Regulatory (NRC) Commission letter of February 12, 2014 in response to the testimony I gave at a NRC hearing on Seabrook Station December 18, 2013. In response to the NRC's letter of 2/12/2014 to me I wrote my letter of July 4, 2014 enclosed with documentation. October 21, 2014 the NRC sent a one-page reply to my 27-page letter of 7/4/2014.  

In my letter of 7/4/2014 on Page 8 see NRC response in their letter to me of February 12, 2014 Page 2 Beginning of 3rd paragraph concerning Counterfeit Substandard Parts in Seabrook the NRC States, " Regarding your request for a list of Counterfeit and/or Substandard parts replaced or not replaced at Seabrook station, the NRC doesn ont retain such a list.  NextEra has a corrective action system to address the identification and correction of any such equipment.  The NRC has unfettered access to this system for inspection and enforcement purposes, but does not develop list of the type you describe."  

Note one has to ask, how could FPL know whether these parts were ever replaced by PSNH if no such list was kept by the NRC?   

As your office knows MA Senate Minority (R) leader Bruce Tarr and MA House Minority (R) leader Bradford Hill (attached) together with Essex County Sheriff Frank Cousins (attached) has endorsed WTP's call to have the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to hold a hearing before MA and NH State Police together with Chiefs of police within the 10 radius of Seabrook station to testify whether they believe Seabrook can evacuate citizens in time during the summer months. 

Last safety issue as of this e-mail to U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen office: PSNH constructed a security booth at the entrance of Seabrook Power Station. Today that booth stands unmanned. If the NRC and FPL feel it unnecessary to man their security posts, why not tear them down? Certain they shouldn’t post a sign requiring sign-in and sign-out protocols if they won’t pay someone to ensure the enforcement.

It seems awfully convenient the NRC claims to have found these severe lacks in security (attached) only days before I documented it by photograph and submitted those photos to local and national news outlets.

Industry informants who have contacted WTP believe FPL is sending a bad message to potential terrorists who could decide to enter Seabrook Nuclear Plant with automatic weapons with the intent of taking over the control room.

I believe it would be an excellent public relation move for FPL to man their security booth instead of displaying the empty chair currently on display. Please review the photos I sent Seabrook Station. Individuals who have contacted WTP and who live within and outside the 10 mile radius have said they would feel safer it FPL/NextEra energy budgeted enough money so their security booth would be manned 23 hours a day.

As your office is fully aware I have reported these troubling circumstances and others in letters and e-mails to U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen, the Security Chief at Seabrook Station, Mr. Tucker, NRC and other elected leaders as well as the media. 

I request again to have the opportunity to meet with U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen as soon as possible.  I know the Senator would much rather working beside WTP to prevent a nuclear disaster at Seabrook Station rather than react to one.

I anxiously await U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen reply.


Stephen B. Comley Sr.
Founder of We The People a National Whistleblower Non-Profit Organization