Open Letter to David Williams, Inspector General of U.S. Postal Service


David Williams

Inspector General

United States Postal Service

1735 North Lynn Street

Arlington, VA 22209-2020

Dear Mr. Williams,

I believe you will agree, after a long 6 year battle in MA Federal court, you and I had maintained a professional relationship. This included having the understanding and respect for the positions each one of us held. Yours as Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC IG) Inspector General and mine as protecting brave informants who come to We The People (WTP) about cover-ups within the NRC and or unsafe conditions at Nuclear Civilian and Weapons Plants.

We The People’s and my legal battles with the NRC didn’t just occur in MA Federal but also were heard in Washington D. C.. Judge Platt for the District of Columbia found in a summary judgment that former NRC Executive Director, Victor Stello, NRC Chairman of the Commissioners, Lando Zech and a disgrace to our Justice system, NRC Administrative Law Judge, Ivan Smith were found guilty of violating my constitutional rights as a American Citizen. I am sure you recall the 5 NRC IG reports your office completed were some of the most revealing investigations of the NRC failure to protect the Safety of the Public. These NRC investigative reports included, “Falsification of welds crimes at Seabrook Station, NRC improper disclosure of allegers identities by the NRC’s office of investigation to the Tennessee Valley Authority, NRC IG investigative report regarding review of NRC’s process for regulating Counterfeit and Substandard Parts used in U.S. Nuclear Power Plants, NRC’s IG report of NRC’s compliance with notice of enforcement discretion policy and procedures and NRC IG’s event inquiry of NRC failure to adequately regulate Millstone Unit 1.” NRC IG investigative audits stated, “Review was prompted by allegations from We The People.” Mr. Williams, you yourself stated to me in a (Enclosure 1) letter, “I have been requested by the White House to respond specifically to your concerns regarding the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission… My office maintains an ongoing relationship with you and other associates of your public interest group We The People, Inc. This ongoing relationship has been useful to my office and I hope that it meets your needs to have your concerns addressed, as well.” During this time you and I worked together to get the truth out about corruption within the NRC and the Nuclear industry. I grew to know you as a man of courage and integrity who could not be brought or would not swayed to cover up the truth.

I am sorry to say I do not have the same association with Mr. Hubert Bell who took over your position at the NRC IG of October 22, 2015 letter to Mr. David Williams, Inspector General of the U.S. Postal Service. There are many reasons for this, some of which I spelled out in my July 4, 2014 letter (Enclosure 2) together with the enclosures I referred to and sent to Mr. Glenn T. Dentel, NRC Chief of Division of Reactor Projects, Branch 3, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Mr. Dentel sent my July 4, 2014 letter along with copies of the enclosures I cited in my letter to Mr. Bell. This included a chronology (see pages 2- 9) of the cover-up of the Counterfeit Substandard Nuclear Parts Scandal involving the highest officials in the United States Government including past and present Commander of Chiefs. I believe it’s very important for you to read the NRC’s quote on the bottom of Page 5 of my July 4, 2014, “Regarding your request for a list of counterfeit and/or substandard parts replaced or not replaced at Seabrook Station, the NRC does not retain such a list. NextERA has a corrective action system to address the identification and correction of any such equipment. The NRC has unfettered access to this system for inspection and enforcement purposes, but does not develop lists of the type you describe.” Please note NextERA and or Florida Power and light did not own Seabrook Station when WTP first brought to light the presence of Counterfeit Substandard Parts built in most U.S. Nuclear Plants including Seabrook Station including all 4 of Florida Power and (FPL) Light Nuclear Plants in the State of Florida. When I first confronted Public (PSNH) Service of NH (first owner of Seabrook Nuclear Plant) whether the plant was built with Counterfeit Substandard Nuclear Parts, they stated on television, “We have so such parts” It wasn’t until the Government (GAO) Accounting Office Report surfaced entited, “ Nuclear Safety and Health: Counterfeit and Substandard Prodicts are a Governmentwide Concern did PSNH have to finally admit to having bosgus nuclear Parts in their plant. The GAO report specficlly listed Seabrook Station of having, “‘Nonconforming Fasteners, Pipe Fittings/Flanges and Fuses in the Seabrook Station. I have been after the NRC for years to admit which they finally recently stated in their letter to me February 12, 2014 (Enclosure 3) which I again believed need to be quoted here in this letter to you and in my July 4, 2014 to Mr. Glenn T. Dental where he stated, “Regarding your request for a list of Counterfeit and/or Substandard parts replaced or not replaced at Seabrook Station, The NRC does not retain such a list.” How do we know if and fact when or if PSNH ever replaced these non-conforming Nuclear parts or not. For that matter what assurances do the American people have that any of these Bogus Nuclear Parts were ever replaced in the other U.S. Nuclear Plants listed in the GAO investigation? I also cited on Page 19 in my letter of July 4, 2014 there was and is still the need for the re-examination of the falsification of welds scandal at Seabrook Station. Mr. Bell never contacted me and obviously has no intention of addressing or investigating any of these safety concerns and or wrongdoing by the NRC. In addition and unbelievable, NRC IG, Hubert Bell has not even attempted to get in touch with me ever since he was notified by the NRC lawyers (Enclosure 4) in King of Prussia January 23, 2015 to my confession of having the tape-recordings the Department of Justice attempted to acquire in behalf of the NRC from me during a 6 year protracted battle in MA Federal Court. As you well know these tape-recordings are the same ones you wanted to seize upon your appointment by the Reagan/Bush Administration to become the first NRC IG. During your tenure as NRC IG your Assistant NRC IG, Leo J. Norton, from documents I provided, elected to write a letter (Enclosure 5) to the Federal Bureau (FBI) Investigations which stated in part, “You alleged that in October 1987 you provided President Reagan with information regarding the use of counterfeit and substandard parts throughout the nuclear industry and that the former President subsequently refused to acknowledge receipt of that information. Your concerns were provided to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Silver Spring, MD, on December 13, 1990.” Unfortunately to my knowledge your NRC IG office request to the FBI was never honored and no investigation was ever performed. I know for a fact I was never contacted by the FBI. I did ask one of your investigators why your office did not investigate my documentation of the charge against the Reagan/Bush administration and the answer I got was, “We are not used to investigating the President of the United States.” You should also be aware I requested on 2 different occasions that Mr. Bell renew the NRC IG office request to the FBI. To date I never have gotten a verbal or written confirmation from Mr. Bell or anyone else from his NRC IG office that this was done or followed through on. I believe Mr. Bell should resign. Some have said the FBI and former White House Chief of Staff, Lean Panetta’s letters to the Department (Enclosure 6) of Justice are old. Well, so are the Counterfeit Substandard Parts still in most if not all of the U.S. Nuclear Civilian and Weapons Plants. In the interest of protecting the Safety of the American people, I believe it is indeed appropriate given your past position as NRC IG and involvement with these tape-recordings I am now confessing to you about, to report this to the Department of Justice or whoever else you deem necessary to notify. I have also confessed to having these tape-recordings to the following individuals and or committees: Energy and Commerce Committee October 8 and 9, 2015. Talked with Julie and Jake who took notes of our conversation. No reply to date from this committee. Senate Judiciary Committee October 9, 8, 1 and July 29, 2015. Talked with staff members Jake and Pat. Reason I contacted Chairman Senator Chuck Grassley Committee is due to the fact President Obama’s Administration's Inernal Revenue Servivice conducted an audit of We The People’s 501 C-3 conservative non-profit organization. It should be noted the audit was completed without a finding. No reply to date. I have also contacted all of the Presidential Candidates who have poll numbers including the front runners, Dr. Ben Carson 9/30/2015 at UNH and Mr. Donald Trump (9/17/2015 in Rochester NH. Both of these confrontations can be viewed on You Tube or go to Mr.Trump and Dr. Carson stated to me they would either get back to me about my issues or would meet with me. Neither one contacted me again. Vice President Joe Biden in my letter (enclosure 7) to him of February 25, 2015 and signed for by the White House. No Reply. Confessed to Senator John McCain October 27, 2014 (Enclosure 8) during a fundraiser for Scot Brown in Nashua NH. Sen. McCain’s reply was, “I will have to report this Mr. Comley to the Department of Justice and will get back to you.” No reply.Confession of tapes in a certified letters of October 16 & 18, 2014 (enclosures 9) to Hillary and Bill Clinton. No reply. Confession of tapes in certified letter to Leon Panetta (Enclosure 10) of July 14, 2014 No reply Letters to First Lady, Michelle Obama (Enclosure 11) and my 3 letters written from 2008 – 2011 to President Barack Obama. All of these letters to the First LadY and to the President were all signed for by White House. No replies. Copies of other letters sent to Michelle Obama as well as others (Enclosures 12) involved in this matter. No Replies. For every day this information was and continues to be ignored by these elected officials, committees and most of the media, they are jeopardizing the safety of the American people. Mr. Williams, please notify me as soon as possible who you choose to notify of these serious Nuclear

Safety concerns.



Stephen B. Comley Sr.

Founder of We The People a National Whistleblower Non-Profit Organization